Digital Printing

For a high quality, low volume print job with a quick turn around, Digital is the most cost-effective solution. Clean toner technology makes for a process with a much lower environmental impact than traditional ink printing techniques. There’s virtually no preparation and no printing plates – from digital file to paper, it’s that easy!

Re-ordering is made simple as customer’s digital artwork is kept on file.

The main benefits of Digital printing

  • Try before you buy – choose a Digital print run to get a feel for a brochure’s success rate before committing to a larger quantity Litho order.
  • Cost-effective for low quantity print runs – there is no minimum order quantity!
  • Quality – Digital printing is now so good that on the majority of jobs you would find it hard to tell the different between Digital and Litho.
  • Quick turn-around – no drying times, jobs can be printed and finished on the same day!
  • Individual personalisation – for instance for wedding invitations and other personal stationery, no need to hand write each one!
  • Proofing – it’s possible to provide a finished proof sample of your print job, on your selected paper or board stock, for you to approve prior to the main print run.
  • Lower environmental impactclean toner technology means the Digital printing process has a much lower environmental impact than traditional ink printing techniques. Digital printing involves no plate-making or inks, fewer chemicals, less gas emissions and no harmful cleaning materials. Less paper is wasted too.
Compare Digital with Litho printing

When high volume, high quality print is required Lithographic (Litho) printing is generally the most cost-effective solution. It’s a versatile process that enables a large variety of materials to be used, including envelopes and thicker weights of board.

Tony Bowyer Print uses computer to plate technology. Your artwork is kept as a digital file and can be re-run or easily altered at a later date.

The main benefits of Litho printing:
  • Cost-effective – for long print runs Litho offers great economies of scale – the process is very efficient once a press has been set up.
  • Quality – in the past it has been said that Litho printing produces the best quality finish, and that is still true today – although Digital printing is now so good that you would find it hard to tell the difference. However, the use of graduated tints and large solid blocks of colour would tend to lead to Litho as the preferred process.
  • Flexibility – Litho is the most flexible method in terms of printing stock, paper & board weights, inks, finishes and varnishes. Metallic ink finishes are achievable with Litho.
  • Pantone matching – printing with Litho enables a precise use of the standardised Pantone spot colour matching system.

Tony Bowyer Print uses computer to plate technology. Your artwork is kept as a digital file and can be re-run or easily altered at a later date.

…more about Litho Printing

 Digital printing services include

Business cards Compliment slips  Letterheads Envelopes Leaflets Posters Brochures Labels Folders Wedding Stationery Personal StationeryInvitationsBooklets Forms Postcards Price lists Manuals Greetings cards Order of Service cards Business reply cards Prospectuses   Flyers Menus Swing tags Bookmarks Vouchers Report covers Legal corners

Unsure of your best option?

Your requirements may not fit perfectly into either Digital or Litho printing. Tell us what you are trying to achieve and we can recommend the method of production that will best suit your needs. This may mean offering two quotes with the pros and cons for each, or a combination of both.

We’re happy to offer guidance to ensure you get what you want!

For new businesses

Digital printing allows us to offer Start-Up Packs to new businesses, in a variety of combinations, designed to keep your initial set-up costs to a minimum

Our Konica Minolta Digital Press prints up to 60 pages a minute, in colour or black & white

A Complete Service

Backed up by years of experience

Cost-effective Commercial Artwork

Our in-house designer, Nichole, is able to produce artwork that easily undercuts the prices charged by advertising and marketing agencies. She will take the time to understand you, and your needs & expectations – with the aim of building the trust and confidence that makes a successful design & print partnership.

We’re happy to work in any way that suits you best; you can supply us with your own artwork, work with Nichole to develop your design ideas or, if you prefer, leave us to develop your concept for you.

Please feel free to get in touch to arrange a personal visit, or to discuss your needs with Nichole over the phone.

Helpful advice

Lee’s years of experience in the print business allows him to advise on the best type and weight of stock for your particular job, and to help you select the right finish. These decisions are important – there is a wide range of paper and boards to choose from and Lee can help you avoid making any expensive mistakes.

High quality results

Lee has managed our print room since 1989; his high level of quality control and attention to detail are matched only by meticulous planning, from plate making through production, to collating and distribution.